About Linebacker

Linebacker is an effective and efficient innovation. It is the first line of defense against the prevention of bunker sand contamination and wash outs. Linebacker’s formulation is made up of natural materials fortified with eco-friendly polymers which provide strength with longevity. Linebacker is easy to install and does not require Certified Installers.

You get game-winning performance with Linebacker because:

  1. Unique composition of liner eliminates or reduces contamination such as debris, rocks and side slope erosion
  2. Low maintenance and long lifespan
  3. Ideal for all types of course design, including steep faces
  4. Absorbs golf ball impact
  5. Cost effective and easy to install, with no need for a certified installer
  6. Repairs are simple for golf course personnel to perform with Linebacker Patch Kit

You can also scatter bunker sand over the Linebacker mix to enhance its appearance.

Linebacker® Bunker Liner Installation Instructions

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