Keep your bunkers in
top condition with
Linebacker Bunker Liner

  • Do It Yourself Option

The Best Defense Is
LineBacker Bunker Liner

  • Reducing the amount of sand migration during weather events.
  • Golf club, string trimmer and ranking machine friendly.
  • Prevents contamination of bunker sand.
  • Maintains lip integrity

Linebacker bunker liner is the best game plan for your course!



Remove sand from the bunker and as you do that check the drainage for any issues. Fill & pack loose soil, prepare key away.



Keep on adding water to the LineBacker Bunker Liner Mix until the material is creamy. This helps apply it to the floor of the bunker.


1/2 to 5/8 depth trowl until you have a smooth surface. Then after that is complete just scatter the sand and lightly trowel.


Let the mixture rest in the bunker for about 24 to 48 hours and you bunker will as good as new! Ready for players that get on the course.

Linebacker fixes

BunkersPlus is the exclusive distributor of the patent-pending Linebacker Bunker Liner®. The Linebacker Bunker Liner® offers tough protection,performance and does not require any special licensing to install. Linebacker Bunker Liners are convenient and simple to use.

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